First weekend of the year

In Johor, we have already finished the first week of school (can 2 days be considered as a week?). I've been to all of my classes that I'm supposed to teach. And well, they're a noisy bunch. I have a class that is full with Linus kids (they need extra help to learn and understand things). So, I swear to myself that I'll do my best to help them at least understand the basic of English. I'll try to make the lessons as fun as I can possibly could but still keeping in line with the learning policies or whatever it's called. Wish me luck in my endeavour to teach these kids a foreign language!

December 8th

51 years ago, on this date, my mom was born... So, today, the family, except Ebby (he had to work), celebrated her birthday. It was nothing big. Just us eating KFC and cake together... It was fun... eating together... like always... I hope we all can enjoy celebrating each others' birthdays for many years to come..

Dad and Mum taking a picture during cousin's wedding last week~